Spiral finned tube 

Spiral finned tube is the most common finned tube. Its heat transfer area is several to tens of times that of a bare tube. It can enhance heat transfer, reduce flow resistance, and reduce metal consumption, thereby improving the economy of heat exchange equipment. Performance and operational reliability. At present, spiral finned tubes have been widely used in various boilers. Spiral finned tubes can be manufactured in a variety of ways. At present, we mainly provide two production methods: high-frequency welding and laser welding.

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base tube

We use more high-quality base tube raw materials, and strictly inspect the surface and inner wall of the base tube. Confirming the size, and ensure the quality of the base tube. This can ensure stable performance and longer service life of the finned tube in future use, thereby reducing the customer’s industrial cost. 

Finish Machining Flat Bar for Fins

We have own flat steel processing center, which specializes in the production of flat steel for finned tubes, which can process a variety of materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, etc. A special annealing production line is built to perform bright annealing processing to ensure the flat steel surface is bright and has good tensile processing performance. 

Spiral finned tube

Advanced Production Line

The factory has two production lines, laser welding, and high-frequency welding, which are used to produce finned tubes with different requirements. Laser welding finned tubes and high-frequency welding finned tubes. Among them, we use the most advanced laser welding production line to avoid any virtual solder joints and improve the heat transfer efficiency of fins and tubes, so that our finned tubes have more stable performance. 

spiral finned tubes

Stable Delivery Time

With the steady increase in demand, our production line is constantly expanding. Both sides continue to improve technology, increase production efficiency, and ensure our stable delivery time. Our R&D team will optimize the production process according to the specific situation of each order. While ensuring and improving product quality, it can meet customers’ demands for fast delivery. 

Industrial Application

Spiral finned tubes have been widely used in boiler economizers, air preheaters, and waste heat boiler heat recovery, as well as heat exchange equipment in various fields such as chemical industry and pressure vessels. The capacity of the unit used in the boiler is also increasing from small to large, and the application is increasing day by day. 


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