Project Description

Studded tube

studded tube

Studded tube is also called nail head tube. In the fields of petroleum refining and chemical industry, coal chemical industry, metallurgy, ceramics, building materials, etc., stud tubes are widely used. Especially in the convection chamber of the tube heating furnace, in order to enhance the heat exchange effect outside the tube, the heat transfer element often uses a nail-head tube. The area of the studded tube is 2 to 3 times that of the light tube, which can improve the heat transfer coefficient on the flue gas side.

As a Studded tube supplier, Our equipment adopts a resistance welding method, the welding process adopts PLC program control, the feed motor and indexing adopt servo motor, the man-machine interface can set the number of nail heads, indexing parameters, and compensation coefficients, and set according to process requirements to ensure product quality And accuracy.


Production Description

studded tube
Base Tube Material Stainless steel, carbon steel
Fin Material Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Fin Tube Type Studded tube
Base Tube OD 12.7~133mm
Fin tube Max design temperature <450°C
Fin depth 0.5~20 mm
Product processing Resistance welding
Package In bundles, plywood cases, wooden cases with water-proof packages, etc.
Application Waste heat recovery in the power industry, metallurgy, and cement industries, as well as petrochemical industries