Project Description

Laser welding finned tube

laser welding finned tube

There are many types of finned tubes. Although high-frequency welding finned tubes are more advanced in terms of product quality and production automation compared with inlay and brazing methods. Due to its factors such as difficulty in welding the root and wrinkles at the root cause many shortcomings in heat exchange efficiency and fouling prevention. By comparison, the Laser welding finned tube is the most advanced product of irreplaceable advantages. It has a high penetration rate, can prevent crevice corrosion, prolong service life and reduce heat transfer resistance. Breaking through material restrictions. And it can use different materials for processing, saving material costs, and easy for secondary processing.

Laser welding finned tube is one of the most important productions in GLORYTUBETECH. With an advanced laser welding production line, the welds at the root of the produced fin tubes are tight and wrinkle-free, which greatly improves the service life and heat dissipation efficiency of the finned tubes.


Production Description

finned tube manufacturer
Base Tube Material Stainless steel, carbon steel
Fin Material Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Fin Tube Type Laser welding finned tube
Base Tube OD 12.7~133mm
Fin tube Max design temperature <450°C
Fin depth 0.5~20 mm
Product processing Laser Welding
Package In bundles, plywood cases, wooden cases with water-proof packages, etc.
Application Waste heat recovery in the power industry, metallurgy, and cement industries, as well as petrochemical industries