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Serrated finned tube

Serrated finned tube manufactuer

Serrated finned tube. Mainly suitable for gas-based heating furnaces and various types of heat exchange equipment in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, textile, and other industries. At present, the general spiral finned tube has the following deficiencies: 1. The light fins cannot make the airflow passing through the fins generate turbulence, and the heat transfer efficiency is low; 2. The light fins high-tooth winding fin roots have wrinkles and are easy to accumulate Dust and dust accumulation are not easy to remove; 3. It is not conducive to the selection of small diameter and high fin-shaped fin tubes; 4. The temperature stress in use is large.
Advantages of serrated finned tube
1. The serrated fin can make the airflow passing through the fin generate turbulence, which can obviously improve the heat transfer efficiency, which can increase the thermal efficiency by 10-20% compared with the optical fin.
2. The roots of the zigzag high-tooth winding fins have no wrinkles, which can reduce dust accumulation and make it easier to remove dust.
3. It is conducive to the selection of finned tubes with small diameters and high fin shapes.
4. It can reduce the temperature stress in use.


Production Description

Serrated finned tube
Base Tube Material Stainless steel, carbon steel
Fin Material Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Fin Tube Type  Serrated finned tube
Base Tube OD 12.7~133mm
Fin tube Max design temperature <450°C
Fin depth 0.5~20 mm
Product processing Laser Welding, high frequency welding
Package In bundles, plywood cases, wooden cases with water-proof packages, etc.
Application Waste heat recovery in the power industry, metallurgy, and cement industries, as well as petrochemical industries