Project Description

High frequency welded finned tube

High frequency welded finned tube

High frequency welded finned tube is one of the most widely used spiral finned tubes. It is widely used in waste heat recovery in the electric power, metallurgy, cement industries, and petrochemical industries.
The high frequency welded finned tube uses the skin effect and proximity effect of high-frequency current to heat the steel strip and the outer surface of the steel tube while the steel strip is wound around the steel tube until it is in a plastic state or melted. Complete the welding. This kind of high-frequency welding is actually solid-phase welding. Compared with inlay, brazing (or overall hot-dip galvanizing), and other methods, it is more advanced in terms of product quality (high fin welding rate, up to 95%), productivity, and automation.
Compared with laser welding, the technology of high-frequency welding finned tubes is not advanced. But it has a higher frequency of use. Due to the higher processing efficiency of high-frequency welding, which is more suitable for mass production, and at the same time has stable quality, lower cost, and is more acceptable to most industrial customers.


Production Description

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Base Tube Material Stainless steel, carbon steel
Fin Material Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Fin Tube Type High frequency welded fin tube
Base Tube OD 12.7~133mm
Fin tube Max design temperature <450°C
Fin depth 0.5~20 mm
Product processing High Frequency Welding
Package In bundles, plywood cases, wooden cases with water-proof packages, etc.
Application Waste heat recovery in the power industry, metallurgy, and cement industries, as well as petrochemical industries