Classification of finned tubes
In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency, fins are usually added to the surface of the heat exchange tube to increase the external surface area (or internal surface area) of the heat exchange tube to achieve the purpose of improving the heat exchange efficiency. Such heat exchange tubes are called finned tubes. . Below, finned tube manufacturer Xinglida will tell you the classification of lower finned tubes.
According to the shape and structure of the fin tube, it is divided into square fin tube, spiral fin tube, longitudinal fin tube, spiral serrated fin tube, inner fin tube;
According to whether the fin material of the fin tube is the same as the material of the tube body, fin tube manufacturers can be divided into single metal fin tube and bimetal composite fin tubes.
According to different processing techniques of finned tubes, finned tubes can be divided into extruded fin tube, welded fin tube, roll-formed fin tube, and packaged fin tube
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