Introduction of High Frequency Welded Finned Tube

The high frequency welded finned tube is aimed at the shortcomings of the radiator made of series fins and wound fins. It is an efficient heat dissipation element. The finned tube itself is 0.8 The -1mm strip steel is wound on the finned tube. At the same time, the high frequency welding process is used to weld the sheet to the tube firmly to ensure the bonding strength of the tube and the fin. The metal thermal strength has reached 1.10~1.20w/kg℃, The finned tube is widely used in the production of boiler economizer, air preheater production and production of factory buildings, residential energy-saving radiators, and as the first choice for the later winding of heat pipes.
Spiral finned tube is an efficient heat transfer element. Its heat transfer area is several to several tens of times that of a light pipe, which can enhance heat transfer, reduce flow resistance, and reduce metal consumption, thereby improving the economy and operational reliability of heat exchange equipment. At present, spiral finned tubes have been widely used in various boilers.

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