Improvement in the application of finned tube heat exchanger

Although they are all finned tubes, their functions are the same, but the manufacturing process of the longitudinal finned tube and the spiral finned tube is different. In order to enhance the performance of the finned tube, we improved the structure of the finned tube heat exchanger and tested the improved effect.
Let’s see how they do it. The first is to change the finned tube in the heat exchanger, which is prone to frost at low temperatures, into a variable-pitch fin structure. In this way, it not only increases the heat transfer area of the fins in the tube, but also increases the flow velocity of the airflow in the tube, and the heat exchange effect will be significantly improved. Alternatively, the equal-pitch internally threaded tube of the finned tube heat exchanger can be turned into a variable-pitch internally threaded tube. This method is used to increase the disturbance of the airflow in the tube and improve the heat transfer coefficient.
At present, in the heat exchanger market, the partition wall type is very commonly used, mainly due to its excellent heat exchange performance. However, with the advancement of technology and the improvement of functions, more and more finned tube heat exchanger products will be welcomed.

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