Aluminium extruded fin tube manufacturer

aluminium extruded fin tube manufacturer

Aluminum extruded fin tube manufacturer
The steel-aluminum composite fin tube refers to a composite fin tube in which the base tube is made of steel and the fins are made of aluminum. The base pipe is steel pipe, which has good mechanical properties, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, and corrosion resistance; the outer layer material is aluminum, which is light in weight, low in price, easy to process, has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and has a beautiful appearance; The fin strength is high and can withstand high-pressure washing and descaling; generally, the contact thermal resistance between the fin and the base tube will not be increased due to the corrosion and oxidation of the base tube, and the heat transfer performance is slightly better than that of the wound fin tube, so the application is more and more It is widely used in oil refining, chemical and power generation industries.

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