Finned Tube

GLORYTUBETECH is finned tubes manufacturer in China.

Finned tube is a kind of heat exchange element. As the heat exchange tube adds fins in its surface. So it increases the surface area of the heat exchange tube. And achieve the purpose of improving the heat exchange efficiency.

Available types of  finned tubes from Glorytubetech

There are many types of fin tubes. And new varieties are constantly emerging. Until now Glorytubetech mainly provides:

Welded finned tube

As one of the important finned tube manufacturers. We produce laser welded finned tubes. And it is widely used for civil wall-hung boilers, industrial boilers, etc. 

There are many types of finned tubes. Although high-frequency welding finned tubes are more advanced in terms of product quality and production automation compared with inlay and brazing methods. Due to its factors such as difficulty in welding the root and wrinkles at the root cause many shortcomings in heat exchange efficiency and fouling prevention. By comparison, laser welded finned tube is the most advanced product of irreplaceable advantages. It has a high penetration rate, can prevent crevice corrosion, prolong service life and reduce heat transfer resistance. Breaking through material restrictions. And it can use different materials for processing, saving material costs, and easy for secondary processing.

Extruded finned tube

Extruded finned tubes are mostly bimetallic composite finned tubes, which are in the form of base tube sleeved aluminum tubes. (The base tube can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper,or Titanium) through machine extrusion to form fins. And the base of the fin and the tube The outer wall fits closely, So the heat transfer coefficient is high, and the heat transfer performance is excellent.
The extruded fin tube also can be made of pure aluminum or pure cooper. And the aluminum rolled fin tube is integrally rolled from an aluminum tube. As it has no contact thermal resistance, high strength, thermal shock resistance, mechanical vibration, and thermal expansion performance. And has a considerable expansion of the heat exchange surface, the heat exchanger made of this finned tube is ahead of the string or wound fin heat exchanger.

Cooper-aluminum composite
Pure aluminum
Pure cooper


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