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Seamless Steel Tubes

Seamless Steel Tubes

ASME SA-556M Seamless Steel Tubes For High Pressure Feedwater Heater

In order to reduce the loss caused by the heat being taken away by the cooling water in the condenser, feed water heating is used to reduce this loss, that is, after the high pressure feed water pump, a high pressure heater is added to increase the boiler feed water temperature, improve economic benefits, and save Coal resources. Among them, the heat exchanger tube is its important core component, and its forms are U-shaped, flat-bottomed tube, straight tube and other forms. Straight pipes are mostly used to fix the tube sheet at both ends of the tube sheet heat exchanger tube bundle into a single body with the shell. The structure is simple, but it is only suitable for heat exchange operations when the temperature difference between the cold and hot fluids is small and the shell side does not require mechanical cleaning. When the temperature difference is slightly larger and the shell side pressure is not too high, an elastic compensation ring can be installed on the shell to reduce thermal stress.


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